Maury Cottage welcomes well behaved canine companions.


Maury Cottage is dog friendly but we have some restrictions on dog size and breed.  For insurance purposes we do not accept Pit Bulls or Rottweiler breeds or dogs over 75 pounds. In addition to the fenced-in cottage yard we have a quarter acre fenced in yard for the dogs to run and play in.  We do not permit dogs to run and play in the cottage yard. 

Our policy with dogs is that they:

·         must have a license and rabies tag

·         must be gentle, well behaved, and under voice command or leash control at all times. 

·         must be attended by their owners at all times and not left alone in the cottage

·         must be compatible with our dogs since they would likely meet in the play yard

Owners are responsible for pet damages to the cottage, cottage grounds, or other animals.

And if you're bringing your canine companion for a nominal fee we provide:

·         Yard clean-up service

·         Fenced cottage yard

·         Plenty of room to run in the adjacent yard

Feel free to call us, 206-463-4558, if you have any questions.